Introducing the new Metaplast Bucket and Small Tub Range

Metaplast has for the past 7 years always worked hard to build a strong relationship with its customers. We know they rely on us for high quality containers and products and we ensure we never let them down.

Just as important as quality is availability, there is no point having great products if your customer can’t get their hands on stock when they need them. We take both of these things very seriously and our customers trust us to deliver on quality and stock.

Another hugely important factor when it comes to the manufacture and supply of high quality containers is the price, and our competitive edge means we’re more than equipped to supply full loads of containers at consistently low prices without any surprises. If you are interested in a particular product you can email us HERE or just send us your requirements from the particular product page you are looking at and we’ll get back to you with more info. We can also send samples to show the quality.

Today we are announcing our new Metaplast Bucket and Small Tub Range. These containers have many wide use cases and are safe to use with food. We have customers that use them for anything from fresh fruit and veg to sauces and animal feeds, popcorn and confectionary. They are also suitable for more industrial uses such as paint and automobile products, and industrial cleaning products.

The range starts at 500ml and goes up to 33 Litres in size. They are also available in clear and white containers with IML label options. So if you need a bucket we have one that will be perfect for your individual needs.

For more info on the range have a look here >
NB it is your responsibility to ensure that containers are legally compliant with your particular product. Samples available, call Noah or George on 01508 495342 for more info.