The Metaplast 'Bootcan' 

This hard wearing 5 litre, ‘Fill & Stop’ fuel can comes supplied with cap, strap & spout and is available in a choice of six colours. Also available is the option for an auto stop nozzle and embossing your logo directly to the side of the can. We call it the ‘Boot’ can as it’s the perfect can to keep in your boot. 

The Fill & Stop can was designed to solve a problem, commonly experienced with inferior cans, of fuel continuing to pour from the spout immediately after use. This causes the can to over-fill and results in spillage.

Fill & Stop is a patented spout system which prevents fuel from continuing to flow through the spout once the tank is full, eliminating spillage. Regulatory: U.N Approved & PCR Petroleum (Consolidation) Compliant. 2014.

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